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A place where to live a lovely wellness time in an exclusive atmosphere. There's only You. With the One You Love.
Or Your Closest Friends.

In your Private Spa are available: Salty Biosauna, Warm Thermal Pool with Hydromassage, Massage Area with 2 beds. And also 2 Lounge Points for Drinks and Herbal Tea Service.
Guests may choose between 3 different wellness options.

Aperitivo in Spa - price for 2 people  € 130

An 100 minute stay in the Private Spa. Selected Drinks and Appetizers are served meanwhile.

You & Me - price for 2 people  € 180

A 2 hour stay in the Private Spa. This option includes a Moisturizing Body Massage by Baden Baden Thermal Body Lotion (20 minutes). Sparkling Wine served at Poolside. Herbal Tea Service in the end.

Rituale di Coppia - price for 2 people  € 300

3 hours of smooth sensations. Includes a special Face 'n Body Anti Stress Massage (1 hour). A frozen bottle of Champagne available at Poolside. Drinks and Appetizers are served meanwhile. Herbal Tea Service at the end.

The stay in the Private Spa is ruled by what we call the Spa Etiquette.

The Spa Etiquette
Of course, privacy is always guaranteed in the Private Spa. Yet, all guests who perform a wellness path in it are kindly required  to behave in full respect of the place as well as of the operators. Therefore, it is forbidden to take off  the swimsuit or have sex . Guests are required to relax and enjoy a ritual in the Private Spa, avoiding any attitude that can be referred to sexuality. The  Spa Management reserves the right, once that the afore mentioned provisions have been broken, to stop wellness services and invite guests to leave the place.


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Reservation required - You need to take: Swimsuit and Flip Flops.
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