Is reservation required? If so, with what advance?

Yes, booking is required, even to guarantee our guests quite an exclusive setting. In the average, for weekdays 1-2 days notice may be sufficient; for weekends reservations we suggest a little earlier.

What should I take with me to use the Spa services?

Only the swimsuit and flip flops: bathrobes, sponge towels and else are provided.

Can wellness paths be made in pairs?

Of course. All Baden Baden rituals and treatments can be carried out simultaneously. Even in a larger group of people.

Spa listed prices are for one person or 2 people?

Listed prices are per person. Except when it’s clearly shown: price for 2 people, as for the Garden of Lovers, The Strawberry Place and all the rituals in the Private Spa.

Can I pay by credit card?

We accept all credit cards. Online as well through Pay Pal website.

Where can I buy a Baden Baden gift?

At the Reception or on our website. If you come over, just see the list and pick out the kind you like: in just a few minutes your voucher is packaged in an fine bag. Then the holder has 5 months ( for Spa vouchers) or 1 year time (for Relais vouchers) to spend it. If you’re far away, get the chance to click it on www.badenbaden.it: You’ll receive the voucher via e-mail right away.

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Reservation required - You need to take: Swimsuit and Flip Flops.
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