All Thermae Baden Baden cosmetic production is Bio, Thermal and fit for Vegan
Boario's is one of the richest thermal waters available. Its properties allow excellent results in the skin care cosmetic field. The use of  mineral clays has led to the formulation of a Thermal Mud, emulsified to become a cream, for the health and beauty of face and body.

Rich in mineral salts, especially magnesium’s, showing high moisturizing properties.

Specially selected vegetable sources for delicate and light texture creams, with deep skin penetration and high visibility for active ingredients.

Effective for any kind of skin, especially for those very dry and showing impurities.

By excellent quality. They work in synergy with the active ingredients.


voso q10VISO Q10
Day cream with soft and light texture. Rehydrates, protects and gives freshness and well-being to the face skin. It contains coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E with antioxidant and anti-radical action. It absorbs quickly leaving a pleasant feeling of softness, hydration and elasticity.
Method of use
Apply on face and neck after perfect cleaning and spread with light massage.
Jar 50 ml 1.7 fl. oz. - Euro 43

luxury antirughe 4e242df5101feLUXURY ANTIR AGE
A concentrate of natural anti-aging active agents. Rich in extracts and vegetable oils, it returns bright, smooth and compact skin. Contains anti-aging Mirto extract and Ibiscus flower extract able to illuminate the face with the soothing freshness of its active ingredients. The oils of Rosa Moschata and Rosa Canina play an important anti-radical action.
Method of use
Apply morning and evening on the face perfectly cleaned and massage until absorption.
Jar of 50 ml 1.7 fl. oz. - Euro 48
tonico viso 4e242e3e1b799TONING LOTION
Delicate solution based on Vegetable Extract and Thermal Water spreading refreshing, softening and mineralizing power. The cosmetic, moisturizing and emollient actions of the Malva Extract and the refreshing and soothing benefits of the Aloe Extract make the skin toned and brighter.
Method of use
Move to the face and neck, morning and evening, a soaked cotton pad after cleaning, rubbing, and eventually applying a mask. Let it dry for a few seconds.
Bottle 200 ml 6.8 fl.oz. - Euro 21
latte viso 4e242e74729c2CLEANSING MILK
Fluid emulsion with a softening, normalizing and refreshing effect, ideal for all skin types. The presence of Thermal Water gives the product a precious mineralizing effect; the Hamamelis extract leaves the skin lighter and more polished and greater surface homogeneity.
Method of use
Apply morning and evening on face and neck moving in circle. Remove with a damp sponge, then tampon with "Toning Lotion".
Bottle 200 ml 6.8 fl.oz. - Euro 23
gel viso uomo 4e242ebb4bb59AFTER SHAVE GEL
Gel with active ingredients for daily moisturizing and return treatment. Its formula contains mango and white raisin extracts with anti-radical action and aloe extract with soothing and markedly moisturizing action. Ideal after shaving, leaves the skin smooth and soft. Also indicated for sensitive skin or with early signs of aging. It leaves a delicate scent.
Apply after shaving on the face and neck using light tapping.
Active Content: White Grape Extract - Mango Extract - Aloe Extract - Horse Chestnut Extract - Thermal Water
Jar 50 ml 1.7 fl. oz. - Euro 32
crema corpo 4e242ef0766f7BODY LOTION
A delicate texture lotion, perfect after bath and shower to restore moisture and skin elasticity. Enriched with sesame oil and ivy extract gives new compactness and smoothness. The nourishing efficacy of the treatment and the harmony of the olfactory composition make it the ideal product for massages that last for a long time to restore well-being and mind relax.
Method of use
Spread the product lightly up to full absorption.
Bottle 120 ml 4 fl.oz. - Euro 28
gel cellulite 4e242f615ea28ANTI CELLULITE GEL
The unique combination of Thermal Water, Natural Fruit Hydroxicides, Caffeine and Carnitine makes this product ideal for treating cellulite. The excellent transepidermal penetration coefficient of this gel interrupts, fights and prevents the blemishes of orange peel skin.
Method of use
Apply by massaging gently until full absorption.
Vaso 250 ml 8.5 fl.oz - Euro 38
doccia shampoo 4e242f9bba184SHOWER LOTION & SHAMPOO
Only contains natural substances. It cleanses body and hair softly and give a pleasant scent, making body skin ready to receive the benefits of subsequent treatment products. Organic olive oil, together with peony, raspberry and white grape juice, guarantees the respect of sensitive and delicate skin and ensures daily hydration and brightness.
Method of use
Massage all over the body under the jet shower.
Bottle 250 ml 8.5 fl.oz. - Euro 18

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